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Parker Chomerics is a leading global provider of advanced materials and solutions for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal management, and integrated display solutions. The company is a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, a Fortune 250 company that specializes in motion and control technologies. Parker Chomerics has a long history of innovation and expertise in the field of EMI shielding. The company's products are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical, and automotive. Parker Chomerics' EMI shielding solutions are designed to protect electronic devices from interference caused by electromagnetic radiation, which can cause malfunctions or even complete failure of the device. In addition to EMI shielding, Parker Chomerics also offers thermal management solutions that help to dissipate heat from electronic devices. The company's thermal management products are designed to improve the performance and reliability of electronic devices by preventing overheating and thermal damage. Parker Chomerics also provides integrated display solutions that combine EMI shielding and optical bonding to create high-performance displays for a variety of applications. These displays are designed to provide superior visibility and durability in harsh environments, making them ideal for use in military, aerospace, and industrial applications. One of the key strengths of Parker Chomerics is its commitment to research and development. The company has a team of highly skilled engineers and scientists who are dedicated to developing new and innovative solutions for EMI shielding, thermal management, and integrated display technologies. This focus on innovation has enabled Parker Chomerics to stay at the forefront of its industry and to provide its customers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their specific needs. Overall, Parker Chomerics is a highly respected and innovative company that provides advanced materials and solutions for a wide range of industries. With its focus on research and development, commitment to quality, and expertise in EMI shielding, thermal management, and integrated display technologies, Parker Chomerics is well-positioned to continue to be a leader in its industry for many years to come.

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